Thursday, December 15, 2016

Five Things

  1. Gilmore Girls Revival:  I have been trying to draft a post about my mixed feelings about Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life which premiered on Netflix on November 25.  I was excited and disappointed.  There was so much hype for this return.  I imagined that Rory would be doing great things.  Part of me is disappointed in Rory because she was destined to do great things.  She was so driven in high school and college.  She went to private school, Yale, had the right grades, and connections. In the Winter episode, we learn that Rory is a freelance journalist.  Okay, so she is still writing which is good.  Well, it is obvious that Rory has hit a rough patch.  She appears to be lost. I wasn't happy with some of  her decisions.  For instance, she has an affair with Logan.  I would have thought that she would had learned from the time she had an affair with Dean.  Anyway, she's dating Paul who might as well not exist because he is so easily forgotten.  What puzzles me is how is Rory flying back and forth to London to see Logan if she is broke?  Is she living off her trust fund or is Logan paying for her travel.  Rory also makes other puzzling decisions.  What I didn't expect was for Rory to say that she is pregnant at the end of Fall.  What? Those were the last four words?  How is she going to take care of this baby without a job? Maybe she should had taken the teaching job or the job at the online magazine. Maybe her book will be a big hit.  I don't like to be judgmental. Besides we all hit rough patches in life.  I know because I've been there.  I was happy to see that Luke and Lorelei are still together and finally got married.  I wish that the series didn't focus so much on the musical so much. It felt unnecessary.  Stars Hallow is still quirky. It was nice to see what the characters are up to now. I believe that we seen the most character growth from Emily.  I was amazed to see Emily stand up to the DAR and told them to hug her hind parts.  (In case you are wondering....well you can read between the lines on that one. Just trying to keep it clean here).  Paris has soften a little, but she can still be pretty intense at times.  
  2. Fuller House: Continuing with the Netflix theme, I finished the second season of Fuller House.  We got to see a few old characters which bought back memories of original episodes, many years ago.  
  3. Time: It has been awhile since I've had time to read and watch Netflix.  I also finished 90210 which was a spin off the original series, Beverly Hills, 90210.   They really were able to stand on their own.  I completed my Goodreads reading challenge and trying to finish some books I haven't read yet but purchased months ago.  
  4. Writing:  I should be using this extra time to write that novel I have been dreaming about.  I have an idea in my head, but I just need to get it on paper.  
  5. Work: I expect to be working by the beginning of the new year.  I had an interview last week with a company out in California. I received a letter today stating that I was not selected for the job.  Maybe that wasn't the right place for me. I am going to take an assessment for a call center job in the morning.  I received some other hopeful news that I maybe called for an interview for another organization. There is one important lesson here, you have to be persistent, you have to get up and try again.  I often wondered if I fight hard enough for certain things.