Saturday, February 21, 2015

Five Things on a Friday

  1. I realize that I haven't had much time to blog lately.  I have been busy with classes and preparing  for the IRS training program.  I had my interview this week and despite my good test scores and passing the IRS assessment, I wasn't accepted.  I was really upset about it because I worked so hard to be the best candidate.  So I am going to switch to another program.
  2. Since being here in Little Rock, I have been getting use to the fact that I do not have to bother and ask people to take me somewhere. I can catch the bus or take Uber.  I have spent quite a bit on Uber this month, so I probably should start using the bus more.
  3. I found an used bookstore called The Bookworm.  I wanted to sell some books that I managed to stuff into my suitcase.  It really wasn't worth the trip because the store only took two of my books and gave me three dollars.  Yes, I know I settled but I just wanted to get out of that bookstore and I didn't see any other books I wanted.  Shocker, I know.  Most of the books I saw I have already read before. I spent more on Uber that day than what I got at the bookstore.
  4. One Sunday afternoon, I decided to escape the dorm and went to my happy place-Barnes N Noble.  I browsed some books and stopped in the café to enjoy a frappe and cupcake.  A big cupcake covered in icing.  It was so good. 
  5. Monday morning, I woke up to snow.  There was a snowball fight out in the courtyard.  We stayed inside the dorms most of the day to chat, hangout, and watch movies.  Three other friends and I walked in the snow to the corner store.  I almost slipped twice.  Got to love winter.

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