Monday, December 29, 2014

End of the Year

So it's the end of the year.  In three days it will be 2015.  It has been a pretty interesting and busy year.  I am sure some bloggers out there are doing end of the year surveys.

Remember Back to the Future II?  The movie takes place 2015 (I think) and they were flying around in hover cars.  Well it's almost 2015 and we are still driving on the ground-in hybrid and electric cars. There are a few things that came true from that movie including tablet computers, video conferencing, and wireless video games.

I'm not doing a survey, but I will hit some highlights.
  1. I had a summer job at a healthcare center. It was my first working in the medical field.  Therefore, it was an interesting experience.
  2. I went to Hilton Head Island this summer.
  3. I purchased a lot of books this summer, and I have some that I have not read yet.
  4. I had to learn some life lessons this year. One of those lessons is: don't count on promises that people make.  This is always a constant reminder. I had a few promises that were made to me this year and they weren't fulfilled.  Another reminder was: don't let people use you.
  5. I got up enough courage to write another ebook. 
  6. I bought a new computer because it was time.  I am getting use to Windows 8.  
  7. I used public transit to get to and from work.
  8. The biggest thing that happened this year is I lost 20 pounds.  It takes hard work and patience. It boosts your self esteem when you are able to fit into clothes you haven't wore in a long time.
  9. I had to go back do some edits for my ebook. I think I should hire an editor.  
This post isn't very exciting I know.  I hope that I will have more exciting news in the new year.

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