Friday, October 3, 2014

Five Things On A Friday

  1. I have been replacing things lately. The battery in my laptop hasn't been holding a charge lately, so I always had to keep it plugged up.  Last week, my computer suddenly cut off and it would not come back on.  What to do? I called the manufacturer to order a battery but they were out of stock.  They told me to call their partner for a battery.  It was going to really expensive.  So I turned to Amazon.   Saturday, I noticed the charger had a strange smell and heard a low sizzling noise.  I immediately took the the plug out of the computer and out of the outlet.  It felt strange going without a computer. I have done it before.  This time I have a tablet and smartphone to keep up with mail at least.  
  2. I decided to buy a new laptop.  I have been planning to buy a new computer anyway. Fortunately, I had put some money back for this purpose.  What will I do with my old one? I plan to give it to my mom once the battery and new charger arrives.  I purchased a new HP laptop. I was stunned when I that I have a web cam.  I know that web cams are great for Skype, but the thought of having a web cam creeps me out for some reason.  I am probably just thinking about too much.  I have to get use to Windows 8.  The whole start menu has it's own screen.
  3. I finally got my new iPod nano up and running.  I spent all that time the other week trying calling customer service to help resolve my issues. Part of the probably was my old computer. I like it  because it is accessible for visually impaired persons.  The only downside is the screen being so small.  I have to get use to the navigation.  Also, the Nike+ app is awesome.  It tracks who many steps you take, calories burned, and how many miles you have walked.  I burned over  140+ calories in two laps around the neighborhood.  Which means I burned off that 100 calorie snack I ate yesterday and probably those mini blue berry muffins.  (I probably shouldn't had ate them).  I have been eating salad for dinner the past few nights, so that should make up for it.  (Someone is shaking their head).
  4. I am still reading of course.  I downloaded some free books from Smashwords about writing.  I am usually reading my YA romance novels, but I think that it is time to expand my reading tastes. I also think that it is important to read books that will benefit me.  I just finished  I am a Writer by C.G. Cooper.  It tells the story about a woman who is struggling with her writing until she meets a guy who helps her reach her goals.  No, this is not going to be another sappy love story.  Although it is a fictional story, at the end of each chapter, the author gives exercises like Sherri (the woman in the story) gets from Daniel.  After reading these writing books, I felt inspired to work on a project.  More details to come.
  5. I have been asked to write up a business plan for a local project.  I have never written a business plan before.  So I gulped when I was given this task and gulped again when I started going through the questions. I never knew that business plans were so in depth but it makes sense.  I looked at some samples with charts and graphs.  Also, a lot of research is involved.  As I transcribed my pages of handwritten scribble, so far it has amounted to three typed pages.  This should get interesting.  

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