Friday, September 19, 2014

Five Things On a Friday

  1. I really need to stay away from Amazon.  I was able to find a cover for my tablet for $8 which came with a stylis and screen protector. Yesterday, I found an used 16GB iPod nano in good condition with all of its accessories for $89.  I have been wanting a new iPod for awhile, but I was holding back on shelling out $150 for a brand new iPod.  Who says you have to have brand new?  Besides, I have to be more careful with my spending.  I can say that I have improved over the years, but have some ways to go.  Like for instance, I went a bit crazy with buying books this summer.  I decided to not buy any more books unless they are free downloads, come from the library, and or if I REALLY need them until next year.
  2. I have decided that it is time to get serious about my health.  I ordered some diet pills from Amazon and went on a diet. So far...things are moving at a slow pace.  There are two major things I decided that I would cut out-sodas and junk food.  No chips, no cookies-you get the picture. I have been doing pretty good at staying away from sodas. However, yesterday, I smelled  Cinnabon and was tempted to go over. They were running a special.  How convenient. Their cinnamon buns are doughy and sweet, but man are they good.  I have trail mix to keep me happy.  Since I am doing this for two months, maybe I should have ONE cheat day. Maybe not...what do you think?
  3. I have been reading a book called Socially Awkward by Stephanie Haddad. It was a free book on Amazon, so I downloaded it without hesitation.  It has been very interesting because it is about a sociology research project gone wrong. I am half way done with it, so I should have a review up soon.
  4. See, why I need to stay away from Amazon.
  5. I have been watching a lot of re-runs especially of 90's sitcoms thanks to the Hub channel.  Lately, I have been watching Blossom and Step by Step. There were story lines and characters that I forgot about. Where was I? Was I sick, doing homework, went somewhere, or-er on punishment?  That happened a few times and my TV privileges were taken away.  Back then, there was no Netflix, Hulu, DVR, or catching up on your favorite shows on the Internet.  Nope, people use to record things on their VCR. And younger readers are probably wondering what that is.
Have a good weekend everyone!

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