Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Interview

Last Friday I had an interview.  Interviews make me anxious. I worry that I may say the wrong things.  I always try to prepare ahead of time by learning a few facts about the company, preparing the "right answers" to interview questions, and that I am dressed appropriately.

I have only been on a few interviews-one or two a year. I'm not kidding.  After a number of rejections and literally sent out over a thousand resumes and applications.  I wish I could make this stuff up.

I haven't had a regular paying day job in two years,  It was a temporary job for eight weeks in 2012.  I have listed self employment on my resume to fill in the gaps.  I am often asked, if you are self employed, why do you want a job?  My simple answer is always because I don't make enough to fully support myself.

Regular readers know that I have written here about the ups and downs I have been having at Knoji.  I have came to a decision about that site.  There have been no assignments since March.  The site continues to have glitches and they do not pay us writers on time. I have decided that if things do not improve within six months-by the end of the year, I am done with the site for good.  They started paying $50 per project, but advantage comes with a disadvantage-lack of assignments.  There seem to be more work when they paid us $4-$10 per assignment.

I feel like I have failed at this whole self employed freelance writer concept.  I discovered that Suite101 no longer exists, and Helium is shutting down by the end of the year.  This shows that content mills and publications come and go and I can't depend on them forever.

So, it's time for me to get a real job.  When I arrived for the interview, I noticed that things were slight differences. First, I was handed a large envelope with forms to fill out.  Later on, I was told that I got the job before I left.  I am use to hearing: we will call you, we will call you next week, and so on and so on.  A week later, I get a nice polite email which starts with we regret to inform you.

Was I dreaming? Will someone throw something at me?  It is a temp to perm position which has high potential of becoming permanent.  The last temp person they hired turned down a long term job with the company that I will be working for. I could draw all sorts of conclusions about the person. But to be fair, he probably decided that the job wasn't right for him.

The job will be full time. Therefore, blog posts will be scarce.  I am trying to write ahead on the 30 Week Writing Survey.  I will update when I can.

Until next time...

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