Wednesday, May 14, 2014

30 Week Writing Survey: Week 6-Where are you most comfortable writing? At what time of day? Computer or good ol' pen and paper?

Where are you most comfortable writing? At what time of day? Computer or good ol' pen and paper?

The easiest way to answer this question is to break it down by categories.  

Pen/pencil and Paper vs. Computer

I use both methods depending on the situation.  When I was growing up and before I owned a computer, I wrote longhand.  I can remember sitting at my desk in my room writing stories out by hand. Unfortunately, I don't have those stories to see how much my writing has changed.

I also used pen and paper when writing rough drafts for research papers and essays in school. This method was helpful because I had my thoughts together once I was sitting in front of the computer screen.  Pen and paper has it downsides too.  Sometimes I may not recognize my own handwriting.  

There are times when I do need to write by hand. I can get easily distracted by the computer. If I get stuck on something, I might stare at the screen.  If I get tired of looking about my blinking cursor in my MS Word document, I would go check my email to find junk and advertisements, wonder what's going on social media, shop for books, wonder around Goodreads, and Google random stuff. I also like to see if my favorite blogs have been updated.  I know it's sad.  I went through a period were I would play games online.  I'm not a gamer, but these games were time consuming and I wasn't getting anything done.  I felt so unproductive. Finally, I got bored with those games and quit playing.

Now days, I don't draft by hand as much.  I usually write my blog posts on the computer within Blogger's template.  I can save it as a draft and make necessary changes until it is ready to go live.  When writing product reviews and consumer reports for Knoji, I usually write my rough draft in MS Word.  Once I am finished with the rough draft, I will copy and paste it into Knoji's template, make necessary changes and submit it to editors.

What time of day?

Wow, what time of day?  I have a hard time writing in the morning.  I can type up a blog post or an email. However, I struggle with performing serious writing tasks before noon, unless I have a deadline.  The morning time is when I am doing other activities and chores like laundry, cleaning, washing overnight dishes, etc. (They just keep piling up).  I can really get going and cover a lot of ground in the afternoon.  There have been times when I have written product reviews, web articles, and consumer reports at night with the TV going in the background.   (Sometimes I need background noise if things get too quiet for me).  

Where am I most comfortable writing?

The one thing I love about the convenience and flexibility of a laptop is that I can sit anywhere and I don't have to sit in one spot.  When I typed on my desktop, I would get tired and my back would hurt, partly because of the chair I was sitting in.  Sometimes, I write sitting on my bed.  If my back hurts I can lean back on a pillow.  Two years ago, I got a new desk and got rid of the non working desktop.  I have plenty of room to work at the desk.  I started using the desk more.  When I do write at the desk, it means that I am getting down to business.  Working at the desk says that some serious writing in going on and makes me feel more productive.  

I don't get many opportunities to pack up my laptop and work at a cafe or library. I have worked at the library before and it was really nice and quiet except for the people blasting music through their headphones on the computers.  I try to find a quiet place to write, grab some coffee from the cafe downstairs, and get to work.

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