Friday, April 11, 2014

Five Things On A Friday

  1. In efforts to manage my spending, especially in the area of entertainment (books), I have discovered ways that I can save myself money.  Barnes N Noble allows you to download a sample for Nook apps. This handy provision allows you to preview a book before you buy it.  I absolutely love this because I can preview a book before I buy or check it out of the library.  My time is valuable and I can't just shell out cash on books that I will regret buying later. I have bought books in the past where I thought, I wish I should have just checked it out from the library and I could have saved my money. Also, I have found the latest books at my local library and downloaded the audio version from the National Library Service (NLS) website. This is a service for visually impaired and physically challenged patrons. 
  2. Speaking of books, I have finally found The California Diaries series by Ann M. Martin.  I mentioned this find in last Friday's post.  I have been looking for this series for years. I still own the first two books.  First, I found the series on Amazon and the other day, I found the books on  The best part is that it is available on Nook and Kindle.  I downloaded the samples and three full versions today. I could have purchased a fourth, but after staring at my screen for a while, I decided that it was best to sign out. Sometimes, you have to do that in any situation. Just sign out and close the computer.
  3. Since it's spring and we finally have warmer weather outside, it is time to get up and get moving.  This week, I went out for walks twice.  I haven't felt so good about myself lately, especially when I put on pants. I mostly wear skirts, dresses, and sweats (for around the house). I also feel ashamed that I barely survived two miles on the hiking trail. Over the years, I have learned that there are benefits to walking than just shedding pounds.  You sleep better at night, helps your heart health, and my personal favorite-I don't feel so tight.  I am not shedding the pounds like I use to when walking these days, but I know that it is helping me in other ways.I suddenly feel inspired to write poetry again.  I haven't written a poem since 2005, when I entered one of my poems in the contest.  People, if this contest and site is still around, don't be fooled-it's a scam!  I had received a newspaper clipping with a photo of a woman holding a check. There was the promise of prize money and publication.  I received a letter and a certificate stating that I won with a handwritten note suggesting that it get published in an anthology of some sort.  I didn't hear anything else.  One evening, I was on the computer and I decided to check the website to see if the prize winners were announced.  I didn't get the prize money, but I discovered that my poem was published online.  What?  I had no idea that they were going to publish it online.  I felt misled and I have refused to enter writing contests since that incident.  The sad part is that I know other people who were taken by the contest.  I didn't know them back then, but I wish that I could have talked to them.  Lately, I have been feeling inspired to write something.  Arsenio Hall has been featuring poets or spoken word artists on his show from time to time.  My poetry is not about flowers, nature, etc.  I usually write about real life issues-the poem I wrote for the contest was called Dreamcrushers.  It was about people who put your ideas, hopes, and dreams down telling you that it is silly, or you are being unrealistic, etc. I don't have a copy of that poem, but I can find in the depths `of Google or if the site is still running.  I could  self publish poetry on Smashwords, we'll see. Stay tuned.
  4. And back to the subject of Goodreads to read lists keeps growing and growing.  I decided to download the app, and I was searching through the recommendations and found a few more books to add.  I signed up for the 2014 Reading Challenge.  The nice thing about this challenge is that you can set your own goals.  I settled on 50, to non readers that sounds insane.  To some avid readers, it sounds like a small goal.  To me this sounds reasonable based on the other things that are happening in real life.  According to the counter, I have read five so far, and I have 45 more to go. I'll probably reach 50 by fall thanks to short books and audiobooks.
  5. Lately, I have been craving Starburst jelly beans.  I even Googled to see were they are sold.  I can't imagine myself ordering jelly beans from Amazon or off the Internet.  Will they be fresh when they arrive?  I have been looking for them at the gas stations, but haven't seen them.  I don't need all that sugar, but I want to find before they go out of season.
Have a good weekend everyone.

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