Thursday, March 27, 2014

30 Week Blog Challenge: Week 30-Hopes, Dreams,and Plans For the Future

Yay! I made it through the 30 Week Blog Challenge.  I can honestly say that this is one task that I have been able to be consistent with from start to finish despite lack of Internet access for the last month or so. It has been really fun.  There were a lot good topics, and I revealed a little bit more about myself here on the blog with integrity and class.

What are my hopes, dreams, and plans for the future?  I hope to find a job where my vision impairment is not an issue.  I plan to face my fears and go back to school to pursue new skills that will enable me to fully support myself.

It has been my dream to publish a novel. While I still struggle with the novel-the actual finding the time to sit down and writing it without getting discouraged, I have made strives toward making writing a reality.  Within the last five years, I started writing for web content sites, also known as content mills.  It's not always the best way to go, but it gave me experience and helped me to make baby steps toward being a writer.  I became a blogger and published some of my short stories through Smashwords.  I've only received a few sales from Smashwords, but it is not going to stop me.  It just means that I need write better stories and strive to be a better writer.  I was once told that I didn't have what it took to be a writer, well, I can say that I have proven otherwise.  I'm not going to become famous or big money over night.  I have done well with writing product reviews and consumer reports over at Knoji.  I guess it's because I am writing about topics that people care about-shopping and saving money.

I also plan to visit Europe one day.  I have planned to go to London this summer, but it didn't work out.  Maybe next year or so.  I have been to Canada and Mexico, and for many that's a big achievement.  However, I want to see more.  I want to visit Paris, London, Spain, Italy, Germany, Japan, etc.  Taking World Geography back in college was my ticket to seeing the world through books and photos.  I want to be there for real-taking in the smells, sounds, and sights.

I also hope that within the future that there will be some kind of technology that will enable me to drive.  It would be nice to be able to be spontaneous and hop in the car and just go for a ride.  I have to plan everything-how I'm going to get there, who's going to pick me up, and bring me back home.  If I want to use public transportation, I have to consider if my destination is near a bus stop, and if I need to call a taxi, I have to calculate how much it is going to cost.  Sometimes it is easier just to stay home and avoid the hassle.  I do good to get to places I need to go.

There is one hope that I have for the future.  I hope to get married someday.  I would also love to have children, if I'm not too old to have one.  I want my very own family.  I hope to find a husband who loves me for me, accepts for who I am, and doesn't think I act like an intellectually challenged person. (That sounds wierd I know).  Let me explain.

I am often viewed as intellectually challenged.  It seems that all physically challenged people are lumped into the same category.   People think that I can't do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for myself-do my own hair, pick out my own clothes, dress myself.  People think that I have to sit in the front seat all the time.  If I tell people that I went to college, they look at me strange and say, "Oh really?"  Oh, if I say that I am looking for a job, I usually get this response, "Oh, you wanna work," or "Don't you get government assistance?"
All of this sounds crazy unless you live through it.  I know some physically challenged persons who dated and married within the physically challenged community while others married non physically challenged persons.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't.  My hope is to find someone won't be embarrassed by me and won't be afraid to be seen with me.  Why be with a person like that?  I don't understand it.

I would like to learn how to make jewelry and hair accessories and open an Etsy shop.  I'm not so good at making things, but I am sure that I can learn if I take my time.

Oh, I would like to meet my favorite authors Sarah Dessen, Susane Colasanti, and Sharon M. Draper.
And go to an actual concert.

Most of all, own my own home and have a place to call my own.

There are tons of other things that I could write about, but those are the major ones.  Hopefully, I can achieve most of them.

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