Thursday, March 27, 2014

30 Week Blog Challenge: Week 28-A Place You Love

I love going to the bookstore.  For many, that seems boring, but for book nerds like myself it makes perfect sense.  I like being able to shop for books online, but there is nothing like shopping for books in person.

I usually visit my local Barnes N Noble or Books-A-Million. I use to go to the Borders at the mall, but sadly they shut down. I actually had an awards card that I never got to use.  When I visit B&N, the smell of coffee hits me as soon as I walk in the door.

I can wander through different section and look at books.  If you want to read a magazine, you can find a quiet place to sit and read.  The last time I was at Barnes N Noble, I noticed people chatting in the cafe. One young woman appeared to be studying while others were catching up with friends or previewing a book.

The best part about shopping at the bookstore, is that you can sit and read the first chapter of a book or skip around to see what the book will be like.  With ebooks, you can't do not.  You can download a sample, but you can only read a few pages of the first chapter or so.

I hope that bookstores don't go away any time soon or in my lifetime.  It took me awhile to warm up to e-readers.  I like being able to read books on the tablet because of the convenience and portability.  I also enjoy the feel of a new book in my hands.  I enjoy receiving them in the mail and opening the package when it arrives.

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