Tuesday, February 11, 2014

30 Week Blog Challenge: Week 23-A Letter to Your Parents

This week's challenge is "A Letter to Your Parents"

I have never written an actual letter to my parents. There was an episode of Gilmore Girls where parts of the storyline were flashbacks of Lorelei's teen years.  One day she decides to pack her things and take Rory off to their new life in Stars Hallow.  She wrote a letter, "Dear Emily and Richard" and left it for them.

I could never imagine writing a letter like that. However, if I was to write a letter to my parents, it would be a nice letter, a letter of thanks. I would thank them for supporting me through thick and thin.  Through the years, they have set through numerous doctor's appointments, surgeries, and everything else.  They have provided so much wisdom, even when I didn't always listen.  When I look back on the times when I was hard headed, I shake my head and say, I should have listened.  Because they have experienced things and seen things. Why make the same mistakes as others if you don't have to.  Be observant and listen to wisdom because it may just save you some heartache and pain.

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