Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Bye Bye My So Called Writing Life

Notice anything different?  Yes, I decided that it was time to change my blog name. Two years ago, I called my blog My So Called Writing Life.  Not everyone takes me seriously as a writer, and my progress in the writing world is moving steadily but slowly. Within the last four years, I have learned that  you have to work your way up in the writing world-or at anything you want to do in life. There are no short cuts to success.

I personally don't think that my writing life is a joke overall. I write and manage two blogs, write consumer reports for Knoji (when available), and other content from time to time.  Sure, I may not be a New York Times bestselling author, but I am a writer.  I have a few stories that have received little attention and an unwritten novel, but I am still a writer.

It took years for me to know who Sarah Dessen, Susane Colasanti, Sharon M. Draper, and other famous authors were.  They had to work to get to where they are now.

It will be business as usual here.  Nothing has changed, but the blog name. I also discovered that there is another blog called My So Called Writing Life on Blogger.  It took me awhile to figure how to change the URL and the blog name.  

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