Monday, January 6, 2014

30 Week Blog Challenge: Week 18-What do you like about each member of your family?

This week's blog challenge is to write about something you like about each member of your family.  So I will focus on my immediate family members.

Mom- My mom is outgoing and not afraid to stand up for herself.  I also admire the fact that she doesn't let people push her around and doesn't put up with nonsense.  My mom is also driven.  About four years ago, she decided to go back to school.  She was able to continue her full time job while going to school and managing a household. On top of all that, she made the dean's list. (Of course, the rest of us pitched in).  I hear people say that they couldn't go to school, work, and manage a household at the same time.  My answer to that is: you do what you have to do in order to do what you want to do.

Dad- My dad is the comedian of the family.  He is also outgoing, doesn't meet a stranger, and not afraid to speak up when it is necessary.  Both of my parents are realistic and wise, even when my brother and I may not want to hear it or accept it.

Brother-My brother TJ is very energetic, outgoing, and always looking for something to do.  I am usually okay spending my weekends at home curled up with a book or a good movie or whatever.  On the other hand, he has to find something to do.  He can be quite funny too.  Since he is younger, I don't always pay attention to his observations.  We tend to think, what can a young person tell me?  In some cases, you should take what they say into consideration.

What do you like about each member of your family?

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