Monday, December 30, 2013

30 Week Blog Challenge: Week 17- A Photo of Your Family

This week's challenge is to share a photo of your family. Sorry, no pictures.

Well, I don't have a family of my own-husband, kids, and pets.  I could have shared a photo of me, my parents, and my brother. However, I don't have an up to date family portrait.  In place of that, I am using the below family tree snapshot.

I would love to share a family photo, but to show respect for my parents, I won't share their pictures online. They have been stunned by how much information you can find out about yourself and others on the Internet. Sure, I could have asked, but I already know the answer. Therefore, I know for a fact that they would not appreciate their pictures ANYWHERE online.  They are private people and have no interest in the social media craze.

Next week, I will continue on with the 30 Week Blog Challenge.  Until next time.

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