Monday, December 23, 2013

30 Week Blog Challenge: Week 16- A Favorite Food

This week's challenge is to write about a favorite food.  Um this is going to be hard because I can only pick one.

Well, my all time favorite food is pizza.  I think that there will be a time when I am not going to be able to eat as much pizza as I do now.  The nice thing about pizza is that you can make it in so many ways.  There are the classic pizzas like pepperoni pizza and plain boring cheese pizzas.  However, you CAN get creative.

I discovered this when I was little when my family and I use to go a place called Pizza Inn. It was buffet style and you could get any pizza you wanted. They had cheeseburger pizza, dessert pizzas including chocolate chip, and so much more.  I also found out that you could put pineapples and ham on a pizza.  So there you have it, a very simple food but versatile.  Pizza can also be healthy and unhealthy.

Is that picture making you hungry?  Me too and it is too early for pizza.  Until next time.

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