Monday, December 16, 2013

30 Week Blog Challenge: Week 15-Celebrity Crush

This week's 30 Week Blog Challenge prompt is "celebrity crushes".  The lady in charge of the 30 Week Blog Challenge is Marie from Mom Gets Real.

Celebrity crush?  Well, I currently don’t have one.  However, I had several celebrity crushes over the years.   I can’t believe I’m sharing this on the blog, but here goes nothing. I may get a few LOLs and eye rolls, but here goes nothing.

Al B. Sure

My first celebrity crush happened when I was about 10.  I had a crush on R&B singer Al B. Sure.  I know a lot of readers especially the younger readers are shaking their heads right now.  I think that the 30 and over crowd will have a better understanding what I’m talking about.

He was popular during the late 80's and early 90's.  He is best known for song such as "Nite and Day", "Off On Your Own Girl", Rescue Me", and others.  About five years ago he appeared with his son on the short lived singing competition show MTV's Rock the Cradle.  The following year, he was on another reality show.  Still feel lost, just Google him.

Anyway, I was crushing on him at a time when his popularity was fading.  I liked his music, particularly his 1988 album.  I know that I was a bit young for his music particularly his 1992 album, because it was the first time I EVER saw  Parental Advisory Explicit Lyrics on anything. 

The crazy thing about this crush is the unrealisticness of the crash.  Al is old enough to be my uncle or parent and I could be his niece and little sister in the least.  The crush went on for awhile and then I moved on.

I also liked Usher in middle and high school.  It was something about these guys that made the ladies swoon. Here in this pic, Usher has a nice smile and dimples.  

Then I took a break from celebrity crushing.  A  few years ago, I liked Eyal Podell for minute.  I don’t think he’s well known.  

Eyal Podell

He was in a TV movie called Pizza My Heart, a couple episodes of The Game, and a short lived TV show called Defying Gravity.   I found a lot of You Tube clips for him.

Robin Thicke

Last but not least, Robin Thicke.  My brother saw some earlier pictures of him online with long hair and a beard, and of course he had to poke fun at him.  I’m not into guys with long hair and beards.  The crush didn’t last, but I still listen to his music of course. I felt kinda funny crushing on a married guy. 

My crushes have always been on older guys who are totally out of my league-celebrity or not, and probably wouldn’t give me the time of day.  And ladies and gentlemen, that’s why it’s called a crush.

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