Saturday, December 7, 2013

30 Week Blog Challenge: Week 13- Something You Want to Buy

Due to Internet issues, I almost missed this week's 30 Week Blog Challenge.

This week’s challenge is to talk about something you want to buy.  Well, there are several things I want to buy.  Some are realistic and unrealistic.

For some time, I have been wanting to buy an eReader.  I have been a heavy reader  since graduating from college and it would be nice to have all of my books in one place.  Besides, I am running out of space to store the books I own.  I only own 27 books, but I have to store them under my desk because I do not have the space to have a bookshelf.  I am not sure if I should get an iPad, Nook, and some other tablet.

I also would like to purchase the remaining songs on my iTunes wish list.  I also wish to buy some of the books on my Goodreads  to-read list.  I have at least 58 books on the list, but I plan to check some of them out from the library.

I also want to buy an iPod touch or a newer iPod nano.  My current iPod works just fine.  Right now, I can’t find the charger for it.  I had my current iPod for five years, and it is doing great.  The only downside is that I wish it had more storage.  My current iPod only has 4GB.

There are the unrealistic things I wish to buy like a Fiat or Mini.  Why?  Buying a car is unrealistic for me because I can’t drive.  Due to my vision impairment, I am unable to drive in most states including South Carolina.

I personally think that the Fiat is cuter than the Mini, but they are both cute.

I had this crazy idea that I was going to be buying a plane ticket and planning a trip to London next summer. However it didn't work out.  Maybe it wasn't the right time, but hopefully soon.  

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