Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Friday Round Up

Last weekend, I went to the gym with my brother.  I wasn't able to workout, although I should have been on a treadmill.  Anyway, I got bored even though I bought a book with me to keep me company. Since the gym was located in a shopping center, I decided to go for a walk.  I discovered a bookstore, but not just any bookstore, but a used book store.

The name of this amazing place is Mr. K's Used Books, Music, and More.  They sell books, CD's, and DVD's at half price.  Ronni from Anywhere Is writes about a store called Half Price Books in Illinois. Well, we don't have a Half Price Books here in the South, but I guess Mr. K's is close enough. Bookstores are a dangerous place for me. I didn't buy anything, but looked at a few books. I saw a dictionary for $3. You can sell and trade books, music, and movies.  I have a few books that I might sell or trade that I am not too fond of.

Buying books is somewhat of a luxury or special treat which happens at least twice a year.  If I had money to spare that day, I would have come out with some new books.

In other news, looks like winter is coming early.  We are having our first major cold snap of the season.  IT WAS COLD Tuesday night when I left the house. I had to bring out my boots and reach in the back of the closet to get my heavy wool coat.  But it is supposed to get back up to the 60's by the weekend.

These days, my time spent on the Internet has been spent previously.  I'm not too proud of that.  However, besides looking up new books to read, playing games, and checking my mail expecting something to be there, I have been in search of new places to write.

I found a site called iWriter. It is similar to Content Authorty and Textbroker.  So I will give it try. Also I decided to bid for more jobs on Odesk.  I thought that I was applying for a Word document formatting project, but the client wrote back and they want to me to do image typing,  (This is not what I applied for).  It feels like my so called writing careers are at a crossroads or even in a crisis.

I decided to revisit I was a contributing  writer for them back in 2010-2011.  In November 2011, I lost my writing position.  For awhile, I continued to earn royalties until they revamped the site.  Now, if you want to join, all you have to do is sign up.  Easy, you just sign up and set up your account.  When I was working for them, you had to put in an application, and the application process was not easy. While it's nice to be back, it just feels........ different.

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