Friday, November 22, 2013

The Friday Round Up: Ramblings

This is one of the reasons why I love fall-the colors of the leaves.  However, in my neck of the woods, I have not seen a lot of these vibrant colors.  I saw this picture online, and I thought I would save it.

It has been a nice quiet week for me. I have been drinking coffee a lot more this week.  I'm a seasonal coffee drinker.  Which means that I drink more coffee when it is cold outside or when I have to get up extremely early and need a boost to wake me up.  Today, when I bought coffee from the gas station, I didn't see punkin spice.  I know that it is a seasonal thing, and maybe it was so popular, they ran out.

In writing news, I decided to start applying for article and blog writing jobs instead of data entry.  I thought data entry would be relatively easy, however when someone responds they want me to type word images. (I personally do not like those things).  I have been wandering around the Internet looking for writing work. When I Google "best writing sites for writers to make money" or something similar, I get a list of places I   have applied or already wrote for.

Back in the summer, I applied for a few sites including All Writing.  I finally received an email yesterday. Unfortunately, it was a rejection.  Rejection letters no longer bother me. I just read them and file them away.
Rejection is the name of the game.

I have also been checking in at Smashwoords to see how my short stories are doing.  Since I stopped offering them for free, no one has been downloading them despite offering them for cheap-0.99-$1.99. Maybe I should just make them free again.

Next Friday is Black Friday, and personally it is not something I get too excited about. There is nothing exciting about pushing and shoving to get something, being in tight spaces, and the possibility of being trampled.  One time, I was trying to navigate through Wal-Mart.  It was so bad, I had to go to the grocery section for relief.  In this case, I would rather shop online.

Have a good weekend everyone.

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