Monday, November 18, 2013

30 Week Blog Challenge: Week 11-Nicknames You Have and Why

This week's topic is to write about nicknames.  Oh really?  Let's see.......

Over the years, I have been called all sorts of names. There have always been variations of my name: Trish, Trisha, Tresha, Latrisha, etc.  What gets me is that even on my prescriptions my name gets spelled wrong.

When I was little, my parents use to call me Precious.  Also, my grandparents use to call me Trisha Anne.  A few other relatives would call me Trisha Baby.  Then my uncle still calls me Patti Patti.  I don't  know how all of this got started.  I was listening to an Alexander O'Neal song one day and he was singing about a girl named Patti Patti. (I know younger readers are saying who or what). Just look him up on your favorite music service). Okay, so maybe that's where that came  from.

When I got to high school, people had fun with my last name.  My last name is Byrd.  My freshman year, I owned a pair of yellow jeans.  And well, I got called Big Bird.  And....when birds would fly over the school, e.g. The bus stop.... people would make bird noises.

So there you have it...
.nicknames people use to call me.

Note: I wish that this was a more livelier post, but I am under the weather this week.

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