Friday, October 4, 2013

The Friday Round Up

  1. It's October! Where did the year go?  The calendar says it's fall, but it is still around 80 degrees in my part of the country.  However at night shows evidence that it is really fall when the temperature drops.  I am looking forward to sweaters, cooler weather, and our annual Fall For Greenville festival next week.  (Hopefully, I will get to go this year).  I have already  moved my summer clothes to the back of the closet.
  2.  I have written here before about my scarcity of freelance gigs all summer.  I was asked to write four articles for a writing project for $30 per article.  It sounded a whole lot better than the low rates I have been paid over the last three years.  Of all things, I had to write about fashion. To be more specific, I had to write about boot trends for fall.  I'm not a fashionista and I know people who are better suited for the job.  I like handbags, a cute outfit, and a nice pair of cute shoes when I can find them in my size. BUT, I am not obsessed with fashion.  After taking one topic at a time and some research, I wrote the articles, and the editor was pleased.  I don't know if this project is short term or will turn into something long term.  I just hope that it will lead to bigger and better projects.  
  3. I confess that I have become addicted to Goodreads.  I signed up for Goodreads about two years ago when I was trying to win an ARC of a book.  I rarely signed in.  Thanks to last week's 30 Week Blog Challenge asked to talk about your favorite books, Ronni from Anywhere Is, asked for people to add her on Goodreads, and I did.  As soon as I figured out how things worked, I was having a blast. 
  4. I have read 86 books and counting, I am sure that if I can remember all the books I read growing up there would be more.  I have 31 books on my to read list. As I keep adding books to my virtual shelf, I keep thinking WOW.  I have to tell myself to sign out.  For me it is liking going to Books A Million or Barnes N Nobles, I could spend all day in there.    I am going to have to hit a library for some of these books because I can't afford to buy all of them or have the space to store them.  Hopefully I will be able to invest in an e-Reader this year.
  5. This week, I learned a valueable lesson.  I have been a coffee drinker for the last five years or so. I like the way it smells and the way it taste-with creamer of course. I just haven't been able to drink it straight without sugar, creamer, or milk.  But I don't usually use sugar since creamer takes care of the sweet factor.  I especially love flavored coffe. Okay, okay, I am rambling.  Anyway, I had a cup of coffee at 10:00pm the other night.  BIG MISTAKE.  I think that the only time people should drink coffee that time of night should be for third shifters, students, freelancers, and anybody else who needs to pull an all night.  I couldn't go to sleep.  When I finally fail asleep, it was time to get back up again.  Once, I had a frape from McDonald's at night, and it took me forever to fall asleep.  The same thing happened when I had chocolate covered coffee beans at a friend's house.  Lesson here, stay away from caferine at night.
Have a good weekend everyone.

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