Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The 30 Second Commute: Pros and Cons

Last year, I purchased a copy of The 30 SECOND COMMUTE: A NON FICTION COMEDDY ABOUT WRITING AND WORKING FROM HOME by Stephanie Dickison last year. I decided to read the book again.

I have never heard of Stephanie Dickison until I started reading The Writer magazine about three years ago. She had a column by the same title.  I found it informative and funny at times. I decided to check out the book. This book is different from the few writing/how to/non fiction I have read. Frankly, I think that sometimes these books are boring.

I can blame this is on my reading tastes. I am not ashamed to say that I read way too much fiction and prefer it over non fiction. However, I feel like I should be reading more intellectual books.  Stephanie Dickison's book is different because she walks you through her life as a writer instead of: if you want to do (insert goal here), you should be doing, this, this, and this.  Last night I was reading a chapter where she talks about the pros and cons of working from home.  She made her personal lists of pros and cons.  Well, I felt inspired to write my own version.

Pros and Cons of Working From Home


  • You don't have to sit in traffic.
  • No annoying work mates
  • No dress code
  • No one will look at your lunch strangely. (Once, on a temp job, I would take a frozen BBQ sandwich. One of my co-workers looked at me and the sandwich and said, "What is that?")
  • Set your own schedule
  • Save money on gas
  • Complete silence
  • You can take as many breaks as you want.
  • Occasional sick of being in the house
  • Trying to explain to people "what do you do everyday?" (I don't like that question).
  • If you still have a land line, the constant ringing of the phone, and when people can't leave a coherent message on the answering machine.  Instead of leaving a message, they will say: "Hello" or "May I speak to (insert name here)."  Has texting and social media made us too lazy to leave a voicemail?  (I better quit while I'm ahead. This is another topic for another blog post somewhere).
These are just a few of my pros and cons of working from home.  If you work from home, or thinking about it, what would be your pro/con list for working from home?

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