Monday, October 28, 2013

30 Week Blog Challenge: Week 9-Pet Peeves

What are my pet peeves?  This week's challenge should have been called Things That Annoy Me.  I'm feeling annoyed as I write this entry, so I am pretty fired up right now.

Take a deep breathe............

Once, my uncle stated "this one (meaning me) never complains."  Well, I may not complain out loud, but I do complain to myself in my head.

  • One of the things that annoy me is a dirty bathroom, especially public restrooms.  Public restrooms are the worse because people leave paper towels and tissue everywhere.  What's even more disgusting is when people do not flush the toilet.         
  • Once during a rest stop en route to visit my grandparents, we stopped at a gas station somewhere in North Carolina.  It was so DISGUSTING, I turned around and walked out.  
  • Another pet peeve of mine is when people walk out of the restroom without washing their hands. Enough said.
  • As a visually impaired person, I have to be extra careful not to trip over things.  I have enough vision to see large objects.  It gets on my nerves when shoes are left in the middle of the hallway, or when objects, big and small are left in the middle of a pathway.  
  • Another pet peeve of mine is when people feel the need to blast their stereos so loud that people can hear it.  People blast their stereos SO LOUD, it rattles windows and you can hear every lyric.
  • It is also annoying when people talk loudly on their phones, especially in buildings.  For instance, when I was college it drove me CRAZY when people would talk on their phone loudly in the hallways while classes were going on.  Seriously people, we don't need to hear the details of your conversation.  Take it outside, the stairwell, or your car.
  • Another pet peeve of mine is when people share WAY TOO MUCH INFORMATION on social media sites, particularly Facebook.  I'm not anti-social media, but I wish that people would use caution and common sense.  I have seen where people have posted their phone number and full street address.  Seriously?  People are you asking for trouble?  It also worries me when people feel the need to post all of their movies: "I'm hanging out at the Carolina Ale House," or "I'm at a Luke Bryan concert," or "I'm hanging out with (insert names here) at (insert place)."  I hope and pray that these people don't have stalkers.
  • Books that are too predictable.
  • Obsessive cursing in books, music, TV shows, and movies. I like to call this a case of limited vocabulary.
  • Empty cups in the refrigerator.
  • Empty boxes and containers in cabinets.  For instance, there have been many times when I have reached my hand in a box of Pop Tarts, cookies, etc., expecting something, but I found nothing. If the box is empty, just throw it away, the trash can is only a few steps away.
  • When people talk during a movie.
  • My family still has a landline.  Whenever the answering machine comes on it says: "please leave a message after the tone."  It annoys me when people don't leave an actual message. Instead they will say "hello, may I speak to (insert name here)."  Hello people, no one is answering the phone. If  it was up to me, the landline would be gone. Has technology made us this lazy?
  • Lately, I have developed a new pet peeve. Sometimes when I call people, they don't answer the phone. A few minutes later, they will text. If I wanted to text you, I would have texted from the beginning.
  • Another pet peeve is when people ask me annoying questions like: What do you do everyday? Or Do you watch TV?  I don't have a "real job"  so I am at home everyday.  People think that I am sitting around watching TV and playing on the computer all day.  What they don't know or see is that I am doing housework, searching for a day job, searching for new freelance gigs, managing my blogs, etc.  Most of the time, I don't turn on the TV until 5 or 6 to watch the news.
  • Another pet peeve is when people treat as if I am mentally challenged and clueless about what's going on in the world around me. Maybe this is slightly my fault because I am soft spoken and don't always speak up.  For instance, people think that I can't do anything for myself like dress myself.  I'm just visually impaired. Also people think that I have to be babysat all the time. I'm 30! There have been times when someone says, "where's your mom"? Even on my last temp job.  My mom doesn't need to follow me to work.  
There you have it, my pet peeves and the things that annoy me.

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