Friday, September 13, 2013

Pub Day: Big Brother, Little Sister

Good afternoon everyone!,

Well, today is pub day again.  This time I self published a children's story called BIG BROTHER, LITTLE SISTER on Smashwords.  What is the story behind the story?

Eight years ago, I took a correspondence writing course from the Institute of Children's Literature. My first assignment was to write a story based on a picture. There was a picture of some bears, a plant about to fall over, and a tub with a rubber ducky.  Not making sense?  I understand.

I was still unsure what to write about.  One day, I was at my grandmother's house and I was flipping through the channels when I came across an episode of Reading Rainbow.  A little boy was upset because his baby sister was getting all of the attention.  From that moment on, I knew what to write about.

A year later, I thought my story was good enough to publish. So I sent it to several magazines and unfortunately it was turned down.  After several of rejection letters and slips, I became discouraged and stopped sending my work to publishers and writing.  The year before I was scammed by  I was in school at the time, my time was consumed by writing papers and studying for tests.

Now eight years later, I am finally able to finish it on my own.  Self publishing has been an interesting journey.  My first ebook, THE STORIES WE TELL WHEN DRINKING COFFEE hasn't done so well. I have been watching its progress online and only 15 people downloaded a copy.  After looking at the charts closely I realized that those 15 downloads were samples, not the entire book.  I decided to offer the book for free for a limited time until October 1,2013.  If you haven't had a chance to check it out, you can do so here.  I hope BIG BROTHER, LITTLE SISTER does better since it is a stand alone. This set back won't stop me this time, I am determined to write better stories.  I am sure other authors have had their ups and downs.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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