Wednesday, September 18, 2013

30 Week Blog Challenge: Week 1-15 Facts About Yourself

Because I had so much fun with 30 Week Blog Challenge Week 3, I decided to back track and catch up.  Here it goes.

  1. I'm 5'7
  2. I wear a size 11 in shoes.
  3. Favorite color is purple.
  4. I use to write for
  5. I was scammed by (Something I'm not proud of).
  6. I am an avid reader.
  7. I have been to two foreign countries: Mexico and Canada.
  8. I like to watch House Hunters/House Hunters International.
  9. Aspiring author.
  10. I can't cook.
  11. I have read every Sarah Dessen book published so far.
  12. I recently started listening to KPop music.
  13. I think pandas are cute.
  14. I love chocolate.
  15. I can't sing.
Random stuff, I know.  

Have a good day everyone.

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