Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Friday Round Up (Saturday Edition)

  1. This weekend is Super Bowl weekend.  I'm not a football fan, and I am not well versed in the sport.  Until this morning, I didn't even know who's playing.  I usually know who's playing in the bowl each year even though I don't keep up with the sport.  There will be parties all over the place.  Which brings me to this.  I was reading the The Friday Five on Sarah Dessen's blog and she posted a link for a 47 Layer Dip.  Seriously, 47 layers of dip?  First of all who is going to make it let alone who is going to eat it?  I don't think my entire family-both sides could put a dent in that, or Adam from Man vs. Food.  It baffles me.  And who is going to transport the dip?  I think I would need a truck to carry it to my aunt's house across town.  (That's where my folks hold the annual Super Bowl festivities).  Just see it for yourself and share with your friend on social media or email.
  2. In writing news, I was amazed to see four website reviews posted in one day. (Late Thursday night). This usually doesn't happen. Sometimes the editors get backed up so it may take more than 24 hours to be approved and published.  I had to go back and edit one review.  I use to list the products that the company sold, but that is no longer acceptable.  Bulleted lists does not count toward word count.  The bulleted list use to be a life saver.  Oh well.  
  3. I am happy to say that it is 42 degrees outside and sunny.  Today was the complete opposite from last Friday when we had temps of 27 degrees.  Oddly it was 68 on Tuesday.  
  4. I have been researching apartments lately, and looking at a lot of pictures.  I have been watching House Hunters and House Hunters International for some time now, and I have picked up a few things.  For example terms like "dated."  This term is used a lot to describe something that is out dated.  There are a few things I want in a home. First of all closet space.  I am getting tired of shoving things in it, or the inability to find what I need.  When the seasons change, I have to move clothes that are out of season to the back of the closet.  Also I need to be close to public transit.  Another requirement is to be in a safe neighborhood.  This is my number one request and I am sure that you all will agree.  
  5. Okay, I started writing this entry yesterday afternoon, but I was distracted. So now I am attempting to finish this while watching Gilmore Girls rerun, texting, and downloading audiobooks.  I know it sounds like a mouth full.  I should really stop getting distracted while on the computer.  I really need to speed up production when it comes to website reviews. Normally it takes me all day, but there has been a few times where I completed one within 2-3 hours.  Another writing goal I have is to contribute to other sites I have written for such as Helium.  Even though the upfront pay for them is as low as $1-$2.   I am not sure if I want to write for them anymore.  You have to reach $25 before you get a pay out, and I haven't reached that goal yet.   With that said, I have my work cut for me in the months ahead.  There is so much to do such as: update my other blogs, books to read including WATERFALL by Lisa T. Bergen, a website review for Essay Edge, job applications to fill out, and I need to pack for a weekend trip next week.  Just thinking about it makes me want a nap.  I need to stop sleeping in during the week.  
Have a good weekend everyone.