Friday, January 25, 2013

The Friday Round Up

  1. It has been 27 degrees outside all day.  The upside to working from home is you don't have to go out in bad weather unless you have to.  It has been sleeting here in the Upstate region of South Carolina. When people around here hear the words "snow" or "sleet" they run to store for "milk and bread" and other food supplies.  While this is very important, I never quite understood the milk and bread idea.  Another thing that happens when bad weather occurs in the South, people drive crazy and everything shuts down.  Because of these things I am glad I am indoors.  I would like to see some snow and I haven't seen any in two years.
  2. I am happy to report no major computer problems this week.  I was finally able to download the new iTunes.  I really like the new design because it is much cleaner and easy to navigate. I downloaded some really great podcasts from iTunes U on writing. The trouble is, I can't play them on my iPod.  My iPod is five years old and in the technology world, its probably a dinosaur by now.  Should I break down and buy a new one?  Until I do, I will have to play iTunes U downloads from the computer.
  3. I enjoy discovering new music, or songs that are new to me. I wondered if Spandau Ballet had any other songs besides "True".  Well, they do.....some of their earlier work doesn't sound bad.  I couldn't get any other their songs where they tried to rock it up sort of speak.  I have to wonder if the lead singer was ever in theatre.  He has this voice....that I can't describe.  With all of that said, I know someone would roll their eyes if they had my iPod. (Now if I had downloaded Flight of the Conchords, I could understand blank stares).  Was I born in the wrong decade?  I am an 80's baby and proud of it.  I like 80's music, but I have to wonder if I was a teenager in the 80's what bands and singers would I had listened to.
  4.  After much thought and self debate, I decided to relaunch my Facebook fan page.  During the time I the was away from Facebook, I often wondered what was everybody up to. This was primarly they way I stayed in the loop on who's dating, having babies, etc.  Sad I know.   But for the past few days, it feels.....strange to be back.  My writer's page had to be republished but I still have the same fans and pages I liked.  I don't check in like I use to, but this whole social media concept is still growing on me. I still have apprehension.  I have enough to keep up with already.  So to help me to remember to post links, I set my Bloglovin account to automatically post blog updates to Facebook.  So stop by Latresha Byrd Writes, and like my page. You can get blog updates, product reviews, and see my other work all in one place.
Have a good weekend everyone.

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