Friday, January 18, 2013

THe Friday Round Up

  1. I'm not sure how to describe this week besides the fact that it went really fast.  I must say that I had a scary moment with my laptop.  Tuesday morning, I was up bright and early ready to work, and what do I see?  The  dark blue screen of doom.  I gulped and watched closely as the computer restarted.  Fortunately my computer went into recovery mode.  It took the entire morning to repair itself and disk errors.  For the next few days my  programs acted like they didn't want to open, and the printer didn't want to print.  So I decided to start looking for my printer disc.  I COULD NOT FIND IT.  I started feeling overwhelmed and started throwing away "junk" (random stuff) that I don't need any more.  Fortunately, the printer is back up and running and programs are opening again.  But I can't find my printer disc.
  2. I'm not a TV junkie or whatever the proper term for it is these days.  Over on BET on Tuesdays, there are two new shows.  First up, there's Real Husbands of Hollywood starring Kevin Hart, Robin Thicke, Nick Cannon, and some other famous faces.  I couldn't really get into the show, and I have to wonder if this show is totally scripted to make it look like reality.  After that, there's Second Generation Wayans.  I watched it for a few minutes and turned off the TV.  Maybe I was sleepy or just couldn't get into it.  I'm not sure I will be watching these shows next week and onward, who knows.  I have been watching The Mindy Project which is not too bad.  I have also discovered NBC's Parenthood.  I looked it up and it has been on for several seasons now.  It has a good storyline and interesting characters. I have only watched 3 episodes and the season finale is next week.  I could always check out the DVD.  I'm waiting for BET's The Game to return in March.
  3. Sometimes I feel like I shop like a teenager, despite the fact that I am almost 30.  (I keep reminding myself of that).  I added to my wish list on iTunes and downloaded a couple songs on sale for $0.69 and $0.99.  (Atleast I did some smart shopping).  It's that time of year again for buying books.  Last year I purchased six books not counting the books I bought for a former colleague's little girl as a belated baby gift.  After my last trip to Books A Million back in the summer, I promised myself that I would not buy any more books for the rest of the year.  And I stuck to my promise.  Part of the reason for that is storage issues.  I don't have a bookshelf.  I have a small cabinet   but it only holds small books and it's full.  My leisure books are under the bed.  I have been thinking about getting a Nook.  I also want to buy a new iPod touch, but let's be real.  I don't see myself paying $299 for an iPod.  My current iPod was $145 five years ago, so it is still going strong.  I wish it had more GB on it.  There are more important things that I should be spending my money on.  (Grown up thoughts).
  4. In reference to #3, I started adding books to my Barnes N Noble shopping bag.  I want to read FRIENDS LIKE US by Lauren Fox, MY SO CALLED FREELANCE LIFE by Michelle Goodman, and another book called Perfect on Paper.  I don;t remember the author's name.  I think that if I am going to be spending money on books, I should be buying books that are going to help me as a writer. Maybe I will finally write that novel that I have been trying to write for the last seven years.
  5. I wrote a product review for New York Bar Store this week, and I was so sure that the Knoji editors would not approve it because I was unable to give information on prices.  While reviewing the site, I clicked on every single product section. No pictures of products and no prices.  Every section said "unavailible shop."  I wrote these notes in the review and stated that the online store is working to resolve these issues.  To my utter shock this morning, I received an email from Knoji saying, "Congratulations, your review of has been published."  Thank you so much.  Now if I can just navigate my way through Christian Dior's website, I can breathe easy.
Have a weekend everyone.

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