Sunday, November 11, 2012

Missing In Action......

Good afternoon everyone!  I realized that I haven't posted anything since October 25.  Things have been pretty busy around here.  For those of you read the blog regularly noticed that I have been talking more about shopping than writing.  My writing these days has been focused on writing consumer reports and product reviews for Knoji.  I discovered in Word 2010, you can download a book manuscript template.  I downloaded it and saved it on my USB drive.  Now if I can just come up with a compelling story.

Last Sunday, I did some unexpected shopping.  I went to the mall with some friends.  These days, I am happy with going to a mall once or twice a year.  Anyway  Charlotte Russe had Camisoles on sale for $5.  So what did I do? I bought five of them. Camisoles come in handy especially for tops that are cut too low.  I am not a big fan of Charlotte Russe clothing because everything fits tight on me and everything I bought from them doesn't last long.  I made an exception for camisoles.

Also, I made a visit over to Barnes N Noble.  I browsed the YA/Teen Fiction section.  I use to feel awkward browsing there due to the fact that I will be 30 next year.  It's kind of like, how do you know when it is time to stop watching MTV or the Disney channel.  (I don't watch the Disney channel, but I know some adults who do).  Anyway, it is nice to know that some adults do read YA fiction.

I am proud of myself for not buying a book.  I don't have room to store them unless I buy some plastic containers and put them under the bed.  I am still considering buying a Nook. 
And my brother was like, "Why?"

I found it fascinating to see the B&N parking lot packed on a Sunday night. 
And my brother said as we parked the car, "Is it Avid Book Readers Night?"  
I didn't buy a book because I had three books I need to finish reading and
 I didn't see anything that I really wanted. 

Also, I decided not to buy any books until next year when Sarah Dessen's 
and Susane Colasanit's new books come out. 
But I did come out of Wal-Mart with a bag, it never fails.  

In other news, two roughly two weeks ago, I went on a road trip to Tyler, Texas.
I visited the Rose Garden which is a major tourist attraction there.

Yes, that's me with the roses.  Shocked?  Not what you were expecting?

I'm not the world's best photographer but at least my thumb wasn't in the way.  Maybe I should learn how to use Photo Shop. 

It is business as usual around here. 
 I am still crawling through Lauren Conrad's LA Candy. 

In B&N,  I noticed that Lauren has started a new series called Fame Game.  
I believe that it is a spin off of her LA Candy series. 
I don't it will be something I will be interested in reading. 
I have been trying to catch up with emails and phone calls all week.  
I still have people I need to write in which I have not heard from in a while.  

I received my check in the mail this week. 
It is nice to know that the long hours I spend on this computer is finally paying off.
That is all for today. I wish that I had more exciting or interesting news to tell you.  

Have a good day everyone.