Saturday, September 8, 2012

I'm Not A Purse Addict....I Promise

It's not always easy to live on a budget these days especially with the rise of gas prices...... again.  Yes, I am aware of the gas prices despite the fact that I don't even own a car.  At any rate, yestrday I was at Goodwill  to visit their Job Connections.  Well, Job Connections was closed, so I browsed around the Goodwill store.  I found not one but two purses.  The first purse, a bright orange one caught my attention.  As I kept looking around, I found a black Kate Spade purse for $5.00!  I couldn't believe it.  The orange one was $3.50.  I spent a total of $8.50.   You can't even buy a good quality purse in the store for that much.  I only found a purse that was fairly cheap at Charlotte Russe a few years ago.  Sadly, I had to throw it away because it started peeling.  These new purses are sturdy and made of good materials so I should be keeping them for a while.

I'm not the world's best photographer but you get the idea.  What else has been going on?  I have been hard at on more product and service reviews.  When you click on a link you like, be sure to take advantage of the company's coupons, promotions, and current offers.

  1. Coach
  2. Anna Scholz
  3. Clothing Candy
  4. Gifts

While writing my review for Clothing Candy, I could not believe the prices.  What is Clothing Candy? is an online clothing retailer located in Singapore which sells clothing and prom dresses.  As I was browsing the site this bag caught my attention:

light Green PU Leather Bag $21.50

And I liked this bright red one, I can pack of few book in there.

Bright Watermelon Red Bag $21.50

So there you have it. Like what you see. Just head over to Clothing Candy and take a look around. And they accept PayPal.  I hope that you didn't get the wrong idea.  I'm not a purse addict even though I own a few purses and handbags.  I do like a good bag.  My major requirement is that it must be roomy and I can hold all my stuff.  I have a cute Chanel purse that is so small I can't fit my wallet in there. It is more of a special occasiion purse more than anything.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone.

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