Friday, September 21, 2012

And my to do list keeps growing.....

It has been busy around here.  With fall fast approaching, it will be time for me to move all of my summer clothes to the back of the closet.  On Sunday, I got sick of not being able to close my closet door.  So I re-stacked purses, repositioned shoe boxes, and refolded blankets.  I have one blanket that takes up a lot of space. I only pull it out on extremely cold nights, but that doesn't happen around here too often.  Anyway, I also found an old alarm clock and my Toshiba laptop that doesn't work anymore.  I know I should recycle it somewhere, I just need to find out where.

I have been doing my online writing this week as usual.  It appears that  the editorial staff is behind on approving product reviews.  I posed this question in the forums, another writer said that she is waiting for on approval of her work. I think editorial must be swamped this week. So I probably won't be able to post my new feature Places to Shop this week.

In the midst of taking care of the daily house work, I am crawling through my 2012 Reading List.  I have five books lined up to read and or review.

Two of the books were checked out from the library.  They were due back today, but I had to call yesterday to renew them.  Right now, I am reading Take A Bow by Elizabeth Eulberg and I am almost finished.  Next up, will be The Story of Us by Deb Caletti.  It's a long book, so I better get to it before October 5.

I have also been reading Lauren Conrad's LA Candy, but I abandoned it for now even though I am half way through the book.  I also started reading Waterfall by Lisa T. Bergren back in the summer. I have had this book in my possession since June, and have not completed it.  Celeste, if you are reading this I hope to get back to this book very soon.

On a final note, I am baffled by the fact of the amount  of laundry that keeps piling up.  I am practically washing and folding every day. Does anyone experience this?

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