Thursday, August 16, 2012

Writer At Work

Hi everyone, I wanted to pop in and say hello since I haven't posted in a while.  What have I have been up to?  As I have mentioned before, I have been focusing my time on product reviews for and writing assignments that are worth my time. Last week I reviewed Purse Boutique, Ann Taylor, and American Eagle.  It has been an interesting experience.

It usually takes me at least two days to complete a review.  I have to research the site's page rank on Google  Page Rank and Alexa.  I also have to find out how many Twitter followers or Facebook likes the company has.  I am finding that many companies are getting on the Pinterest wagon.  Does anyone use Tumblr?  It reminds me of Twitter to some degree.

I also write company snapshots.  Today, I took an assignment for Candy Crate.  I visited the site and they sell bulk amount of candy.  This is an awesome place for candy lover, but the downside is that too much candy is bad for your health and your teeth.

Last week, I visited a small Books -A-Million in North Carolina.  I most say that I am EXTREMELY proud of myself for not buying anything.  No pens, bookmarks, notebooks, journals, or books.  I walked out of the store empty handed.  Part of the reason is this particular location did not have a good selection of books. Most of the books I have seen were books I have already owned, checked out from the library, or books I was not interested in reading.

And now I am hitting that awkward brain pause.  I hate this when this happens when talking on the phone.  And that is partly why I welcome texting and emailing.

Another reason why I didn't buy any more books is the fact that I have three books waiting to be read.  I have been listening to some audiobooks from the Baby-Sitter's Club series by Ann M. Martin.  I don't blame  you if you are rolling your eyes at your computer screen (me).  Here I am a grown woman who will be 30 next year (listening) reading  BSC books.  It has been a nice trip down memory lane.  If you grew up reading     about Stacey, Kristy, Mary-Anne, Dawn, and Claudia then you will know what I am talking about.

These books were written back in the 1980's and 90's.  It reminded me of a time when parents didn't have to worry what their children were doing online, especially social networks.  There was a time when children played outside, people actually talked on the phone, etc.  There was a method of communication called "letter writing."   I have to wonder if the series was set in this day and age, what would it be like?  Would we see these beloved characters carrying on conversations via text messaging, email, and social media.  Would their parents allow them have Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc?

The way we communicate these days is very different from 20 years ago.  All of this hi-tech communication baffles my parents. To be more specific, they are baffled by the fact that some of my friends prefer texting and communicating on the computer (email, Facebook, etc.) They prefer face to face communicating.  Sometimes, I have to wonder and ask myself if technology is making me lazy.

What do I mean?  Well, most of the time I find it easier to type up a quick email or send a text. When I called people, I always felt like I always called people at a bad time or talked to their voicemails more than them.  So when I heard about Facebook, although apprehensive I joined. I found it convenient, and an easier way to keep up with everyone.  Sadly though, this was the one way I knew who was getting married, dating, and having babies.  However, convenience came to an end.  What do you think?  Do you think technology is making us lazy.

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