Monday, August 27, 2012

And IT's Monday.......

Good afternoon everyone!  Things have been busy around here.  Over the weekend, I finished two product reviews.  I am also done with my Baby-Sitters Club flashback.  There is no way I could read the entire series.  I had no idea that Stacey was fired in Stay vs. The BSC.  Maybe that's how Abby came in the picture?  Anyway, I started thinking what would these characters be doing as adults.

I think Claudia would a model, artist, or maybe a fashion designer.  She did make her own jewelry.  I think that Jesse would be a ballerina, Kristy a president or CEO of some company, Mallory would be a bestselling children's author, and I'm not sure what Mary-Anne, Dawn, Abby, and any other characters I may have missed would be.

I recall becoming bored with BSC books by the time 8th grade came around.  What drove me crazy was that from the time they hit 8th grade, they were frozen in time stuck in the same school and same town.  I kept wondering when were they ever going to high school.

As I try to move back into "adult proper" books, I decided to listen to Mona Simpson's My Hollywood.  When I started listening, I have dozed off a few times.  This is the problem with audiobooks.  If I get too relaxed, I will fall asleep. It is almost like sitting in the front of TV.  With audiobooks, I would have to go back and listen to previous chapters to connect the dots as far as what's going on.   I have three books which  still need to be read.

Back to School is in full swing here in my home town.  My mom is back at work at the pre-school she teaches at.  The school buses come through the neighborhood in the afternoon like clockwork every day.  School supply sales are all over the place.  I remember three years ago when I graduated college and when Back to School came around, I felt awkward.  I knew that I didn't need to go out in buy pens, pencils, and notebooks anymore; but somehow I would be browsing  the stationary aisles at Wal-Mart or Staples.  As a writer, I need to keep the basic essentials on hand like printer paper and ink.

And speaking of ink, I thought that I was running out of ink last week.  The printer lights were blinking and blank and faded pages were coming out.  What made this ordeal frustrating was that the ink is fairly new.  So   when I took out the cardriage, I found a sticker still stuck to it.  Just think....I almost spent $15.00 for more ink.

Pretty soon it is going to be fall.  Where did the summer go?  Where did half of the year go?  Before long we will be pulling out sweaters and coats.  Maybe South Carolina will see some snow this year.  Wishful thinking.

Here is what I have been working on.  And be sure to take advantage of the coupon codes.  When you click on the link to open the article, you will find an orange "Get Current Promotion Code."

  1. The Stationary Studio
  2. Bath and Body Works
  3. Build-A-Bear Workshop
  4. Baby Gift Station

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