Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dude, Where's My Stuff

Today's post was inspired by something I read earlier this weekend.  I read that last year, over 8,000 laptops, smart phones, and USB sticks were left behind at seven major airports around the world.  Really.....I can't imagine leaving my computer around at an airport, but I guess if you are in a hurry, you are bound to leave something behind.  When I was in college, I left my purse in the library and thankfully I noticed right away and it was still there.  I was hauling a heavy back pack then.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Getting Down To Writing

For the last few months, I have done little writing.  I knew that I needed to get down to business and start back writing.  I had drafts of articles and book reviews that were unfinished months ago. So after cleaning out my USB stick and organizing files, I decided that it was time to edit, polish, and publish online.  Today I edited an article about Patricia Polacco and a book review of Stay by Deb Caletti.  You can find the following on

I have been focusing my time on writng company snapshots.  Unfortunately they have not been published yet. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

I'm Back!

I have been away from the blog for over a month now.  I have been trying to catch up on writing projects.  In addition to writing web content, product reviews, and book reviews for the several sites I write for, I started writing company snapshots for  There are pretty easy assignments where I answer eight questions about a particular site. 


At the beginning of the month, I went out of town and left my laptop at home.  This was great because I wasn't constantly checking email, blogs, or social media.  I went to the computer room at the hotel once to check my mail for an important message related to an interview I was going to go to the following week.

Last week, another opportunity to "unplug"  came when I lost my laptop charger at home.  It sounds strange I know, but it's nowhere to be found in my home. Therefore, I had to buy a new one from the manufacturer.   I had to wait four business days including the weekend for my new charger.  So I was away from the computer for a week. 

 A Bookstore Is A Dangerous Place For Me

Last Thursday, I went job hunting.  I stopped for lunch at the mall's food court.   After I finished eating, I stopped at Books-A-Million.  I didn't plan to buy anything but just look around.  But then, I couldn't resist.  I searched through books and found something to read.  I decided to buy and read Lauren Conrad's LA Candy series.  I have already read Sweet Little Lies two years ago, but I wanted to read LA Candy the first book in the series; and Sugar and Spice.  I know that some may consider her books or similar ones not to be quality reading material and probably would not be taken seriously in a literature class. However, it is a quick summer read along with its light and fluffiness.  This series makes me wonder if reality shows are really reality. 

I'm not big on reality shows and there are very few shows that I can tolerate.  I can handle shows like House Hunters and House Hunters International and Travel channel shows.  I am sorry if that makes me sound boring. I did watch The Hills from time to time, so the book reminds of the show.

I told a friend a while back that it may be time to invest in a eReader like a Nook or Kindle.  This is because since I don't have a bookshelf, I am running out of space to store books.  This is why I had no business buy books Thursday, but I could not resist.  And I bought pens, and I didn't need to buy them neither.  I NEED SELF CONTROL!

It was nice to see all of YA author Sarah Dessen's new paperbacks in person. I especially like the cover for This Lullaby because it's purple.  All of the shiny new covers look brighter and say: RRAD ME PLEASE!

Time With Family

My relatives from Texas came to visit the other week.  It was wonderful to see them because we don't get to see them often because of the distance.  We showed them around town and had ourselves a good time.

On a closing note, my heart goes out to those in Aurora, Colorado who lost friends and loved ones in the Dark Knight premeire movie theater  shooting.