Tuesday, June 12, 2012

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Hello social butterflies!  On a whim, I just signed up for Bloglovin.  This should be safe and not as controversal as Facebook or any other social site.  So if you are on there, feel free to follow the blog on Bloglovin.

Friday, June 8, 2012

What I'm Reading

I haven't written anything here since last Wednesday, and it feels so long time ago.  Last Friday about this time I was attending my brother's graduation party.  It turned out to be a success.  The crowd didn't start coming in until almost an hour later.  We had a slide show, commentaries,  a guitar performaance, and dancing.  My friend Celeste from Crazy Beautiful Unique blog and her husband Jacob gave us a swing dance performance. 

After the party was over, I left with aching feet and a ton of stuff to take back home. The fridge is loaded down with party food and cake.  We could use some help eatting it.

My temp job at the local college ended yesterday. I felt sort of sad leaving the office one last time, but I left feeling more confident to walk back into the job market.  So now, I need to update and print out some new resumes.  I have already emailed a few.  I received two calls already.  One of them is for a sales job and the other company called to see if I was still interested in their receptionist posstion.  So this gives me hope that I won't be sitting at home for a long period of time again.

So now I have time to write and read books.  I ordered two new books from Barnes N Nobles. I am currently reading Susane Colasanti's Keep Holding On and Waterfall from the River of Time series by Lisa T. Bergren

I'm running out of room to store my books. I guess I have no choice to switch to digital. Should I invest in a Nook or Kindle?  I already have to PC version of both on my computer.

I am on chapter six of Keep Holding On, and it is heartbreaking.  The novel is about a girl named Noelle who is constantly bullied.  The kids make fun of her lunches and the fact that she is poor.  There is one scene were someone writes something about her on the bathroom wall. There is another scene in the cafeteria where someone throws mashed potatoes at her, and a faculty member stands there and does nothing.

You would think that Noelle would get some relief at home, but she doesn't.  She is mistreated by her mother. Noelle's mom barely keeps food in the house for them, and she even cleans out Noelle's savings account.  She claimed it was for rent.  If that's the case, why didn't she just ask?

To make matters worse, Noelle has an emotionally distant boyfriend who doesn't want to be seen with her. Which brings me to something one of my co-workers said, "Of all of the psychology classes I've taken, I haven't figured out why some women date losers."  In Noelle's, she needs feel loved and wanted since she doesn't get it at home.

I would like to dedicate this book to anyone who has been bullied.   This one is for you.

Have a good weekend everyone.