Monday, May 21, 2012

Lookout Weekend...and Shakespeare in the Park

I normally have pretty quiet weekends.  Friday, I received part of my marketplace order from Barnes N Nobles.  I wish that the whole order would have came together.  I ordered a total of four books, and I have only received 2 out of 2.   This is because the books are being shipped from four different authorized dealers from four different locations.  This explains everything. 

I am stepping out of my reading range and decided to purchase The 30-Second Commute by Stephanie Dickison.  I thought that I should be reading more books that will help me in my writing.  However, this is not a how to be a writer book.  As stated front and center on the cover, this book is a non fiction comedy about writing and working from home.  It is truly a comedy.  I most say that various parts of this book will make you chuckle.   When I opened the book, I noticed right away that the author used song titles as chapter titles.  If this book came with an actual soundtrack, those are the songs you will hear.  When looking through some of those titles, I felt a bit embarassed.  Why?  Because if someone was to walk in my room and randomly pick up this book, and flip over to the soundtrack page, they would say, "she's seriously reading this?"  Maybe they would say, "what was this author thinking?"

Other than the soundtrack selection, it's a really good book; and I can't put it down.  Yesterday afternoon, I was all settled in and started reading.  My brother and I got an invite to go hangout downtown.  We loaded into the car and left.

Downtown Greenville and Falls Parks is popular hangout destination in my neck of the woods.  Here you will find families spending time together eatting ice cream from Marvel Slab or Spill the Beans.  You will see a lot of people walking their dogs of various breeds.  Our group ventured into the park and people watched.  I saw countless dogs pass by, people on bikes. and carrying picnic baskets.  Suddenly Shakespeare in the Park appears.  It wasn't the actual play, but they were just practicing. 

I didn't understand what was going on.  To some I know its sad, but I am not a fan of Shakespeare or British literature. I'm not sure if it was because it was shoved in my face in school.  I tried to read Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austein on my own, but I was totally lost. I tried listening to it on audio, but that didn't help neither.  Atleast I gave it a chance.

So back to the play, people were making fun of them and getting bored.  I have been to one of these events.  It was Romeo and Julliet.  The play was butchered and after awhile we got bored and went to get ice cream.  I do realize that some would be offended by this gesture. 

Curious about Spakespeare in the Park?  Here's an example. And the reason why it seems butchered is because they try to put a modern spin on the plays.

I apologize for the super long entry today, but this is probably the only time I will get to post this week.  I am also sorry for missing Flashback Fridays.  What else is happening? My office is considering an office theme song.  We aren't like The Office I promise.  We actually get work done.  Here's our canidate. 

Have a good day everyone.

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