Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What Season Is it Again? Writer Vs. the Nay Sayers

It may be April, but the temperatures outside are saying other wise.  Yesterday it was in the 50's in my neck of the woods. I was freezing in the house and I was tempted to pull out my sweatshirt.  But I didn't.  I have all of my sweaters folded up nicely and I am not pulling them back until October or November.  Besides I didn't feel like a bunch of sweaters falling out of my closet.  So I pulled out a blanket.  I heard on the news yesterday, that some parts of the country received snow.  Hmmmm.

This weather makes me want to sleep and be lazy. It's a good thing I'm heading out of the house and off to work next week.  Its a six week tempoary job where I will be in an office a few days a week.  Instead of the birds chirping and the ocassional car driving by my window, I will hear phones, computers (other than my own), students, etc. etc. 

Ebooks are really taking off. I have been thinking about writing an ebook.  Actually, I was thinking about doing about doing a quick read as an experiment to see how well I would do.  I have been writing non fiction web content for almost two years now. So I want to return to fiction. 

I have been having writer's block. I haven't been proud of the fiction I've written. I think the real problem is that I am lacking confidence. I have been dreaming of writing a book for ten years now. I would start something and abandon the story when it would hit a wall. 

I had this idea that I would go to school and become a journalist.  The closet I got to studying journalism is when I took a class in college.  I had a high school teacher who once said that I didn't have wants it takes to be a writer.  When I find myself in a writer's rut, these words creep into my head.  For the last ten years, I have been trying to prove her wrong.

Fast foward years later, here I am.  I write for several websites and I have a blog.  Some of these web content sites, you can simply sign up. On the other hand, you have to prove yourself before you are hired to write for other sites.   Yeah, anybody can start a blog, but these are just small steps but I am doing it and I am a writer. So I may not become a famous best seller author or a literary heavyweight in the literary world, but I am happy to reach this point.  I would like to have at least one book, even if critics says it stinks.

Question: How do I go about designing a professional looking cover for an ebook?

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