Friday, April 27, 2012

Getting Out of the House

As I get closer to Monday, I am having mixed emotions.  I am excited to be headed to work, but I still feel anxious.  What will my first day be like?  What will my workmates be like?  As shallow as it may seem, what am I going to wear?  I have tops and skirts which will be office appropriate.  Since I will be doing tests deliveries for Student Disability Services, I am going to need to wear comfortable shoes. 

This sort of reminds of the first day of school.  One year, I could not go to sleep the night before.  It was nice to meet new teachers and classmates, eventhough some of them I knew since elementary school.  Even in college, the first day of class was interesting.  I had one instructor who introduced himself and gave his bio which included his travels around the world.

During back to school season, I looked foward to buying school supplies. That may sound strange to some of you, but I guess this makes me a nerd.

Speaking of getting out of the house, I was reading Kelly James-Enger's blog: Dollars and Deadlines.  Yesterday's tip for writers was to get out of the house.  She suggested that writers change up their work space and work at the library or a coffee shop.  For me this is a problem.  For starters I live in the rural and I don't drive due to my vission impairment.  I am about ten minutes driving distance from the library, but its not close enough to walk.  Starbucks, Spill the Beans, Coffee Underground are in downtown Greenville.  So for now, I will have to do the best I can.

This is a great tip because you can to actually interact with people, observe your surroundings, and easedrop on conversations.  There was this one time I was eatting at Zaxby's and an adult (I'm not sure if it was the young person's mother or aunt) was telling them not to befriend strangers on Facebook.  A few years ago, a little boy was like, "Stephanie Myers is awesome!"  The adult sitting with this kid grumbled about Twilight.

The downside of working from home as a writer is you stuck in front of the computer pretty much all day.  Sure you can make phone calls and send emails and text messages.  Yeah, there is social networking sites like Facebook.  Its not the same as actually talking to someone.  In my case, I am reading words off a screen most of the time.  Since I deactivated my Facebook account, I have no idea what's going on.  Has technology made us lazy?   I have noticed that I am doing more texting than actually talking on the phone.  I welcomed texting, emailing, and social networking because I don't have to chase people down on the phone. I always felt like I was calling people at a bad time.  Its just a thought.

I have some writing that needs to get done, but I am barely getting anything done.  Atleast I can't blame Facebook since I am on hiatus. I have two more articles I would like to post on Knoji formerly known as Factoidz.  I have been focusing my energy on this site for some time now.  Knoji is one of a handful of writing sites worth writing for.  You can choose your topics to write about or pick assignments from their product reviews and articles.  The good thing about Knoji is that you are paid every month no matter what.  If you write for Suite 101, you have to earn $5 and at Helium it's $25 in order to receive payment. If its $0.60 or $60, you will be paid monthly. When you publish an article, you will receive an upfront payment. The ammount varies and this is left up to the editors. In addition, you will generate revenue for your articles.  I have found that product reviews are worth writing, because they tend to get the most traffic.  If you enjoy writing and looking for ways to pick up extra cash, visit and sign up at Knoji.  You won't make big bucks over night but its worth a try.

I think some time away from the house and the computer will do me some good.

As for Flashback Fridays I will leave with Duckie from Pretty Pink and his version of Otis Redding's "Try a Little Tenderness."  You are probably thinking what?  Don't worry, I provided visual aid. Last year, Kanye West and Jay Z put their own spin on this song simply titled "Otis." 

Have a good weekend everyone.

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