Monday, April 9, 2012

The Distracted Writer

I would like to apologize for missing Flashback Fridays. Hopefully I will be back on track soon. When working on the computer, I tend to get distracted. So in order to take steps to fix this problem, I am cuurently on hiatus from Facebook. How long? I don't know. Along with being distracted, I have deactivated my account for other reasons as well, but not because something bad being hacked.

The downsode to working on a computer with internet is that if I get bored or stuck on something I should be writing or researching, Maybe it is a good thing that I don't have a smartphone. I tend  to jump over to something else. I may check my email, look at books on Barnes N Nobles website, read updates on Facebook, other blogs, or find a game to play. (I'm not a big game player and there are very few games I can actually play or attempt to play).

There are a lot pros and cons when it comes to Facebook and other social networking sites. My purpose of using the site was to be able to keep up with friends easily and promote my writing. It has helped drive a decent amount of traffic to the blog and articles I have written. It seems that these days, its the quickest way to know who's dating, engaged, getting married, and showcase cute baby pictures. I use to wonder if anyone bothered to read any of my aticles that I posted links for. So, last year, I decided to start a fan page, after noticing that other freelancers and authors were doing this very thing.

Sadly, we hear more about the negative aspects of Facebook. There was a woman who met a complete stranger on Facebook. He came to visit her, they went out on a date, and he killed her. The other evening, I heard a story on the news where these women got into a fight at a Waffle House parking lot and gun shots were fired over a Facebook relationship status. (Maybe these women don't need Facebook; but that may sound like a blanket statement. That's my opinion).When people hear stories like these, they decide to stay far far away from social media. On the other hand,  people can't seem to live without it. After hearing these stories and how people go overboard with social media, a break sounded like a good idea. Besides I need to step up my game and be a serious writer.
Whether or not to use Facebook, Twitter, Google +, etc. is a personal decision that should be made between husbands and wives and parents and children. That's my stance on  the matter. Despite these dangers there are ways that you can protect yourself, if you choose to use these sites. I have written two articles on the matter of social media. It is possible to become addicted to these sites. Read about the warning signs in Is Social MediaTaking Over My Real Life? Also, learn what information you should not share nor include on your profile page; be sure to read Personal Information You Should Not Share on Facebook. I hope that I don't come off as preachy and I don't intend to scare anyone. I am not anti social media. However, I am against the abuse of social networking sites.  We must not forget that while the internet is a useful tool, it can be a dangerous tool if we don't use it properly.

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