Sunday, March 11, 2012

A World Without Libraries

Hello readers, I hope that everyone is having a good weekend.  The other day I was reading Stephanie Dickison's column "Letter From Toronto" in the The Writer Magazine.  I was stunned to read that Toronto's Public Libraries are at risk of being closed.  You read that correctly.....AT RISK OF BEING CLOSED!  I find it difficult to imagine a world without libraries.  You can learn more about this and sign their petition at

The library has always had a special place in my heart.  From elementary school through college, all of the librarians knew me by name.  It was a place where I could check out books that I could not afford to buy; or glad that I didn't buy once I finished reading them.  I still check out books from the library from to to time.  The library was a place where I was able to research material for school projects and research papers.  This was also a place where I sought solace during a bad day. I am sure that this is the case for many people out there who are avid readers and use the library on a regular basis. 

I also love to see children getting excited about storytime and taking home books that they can't wait to read once they get home.  I believe in putting a book into a child's hand.  So please, don't take this away from them.

In recent years when I have visited my local public library, I have noticed that many use it for internet access and or to use the computer.  When interviewing for a library job, I was asked if I check out books.  I was sort surprised by this question, but understood why I was being asked this question.  What I liked most about the librarians I have encountered over the years, I have found them to be helpful as far as finding the books I was looking for, or research materials. 

Due to rise of ebooks, will all libraries and physical bookstores be at risk of closing?  This should give us something to think about.  If you live in Toronto or elsewhere, you can show your support of libraries by signing a petition at Our Public Library. 

Have a great day everyone.

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