Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First Day of Spring

Hello everyone! I hope you are enjoying the first day of spring.  The weather is really nice.  For the last week or so, it has felt like spring with temps in the 80's. Which is kind of odd for this time of the year.  Yesterday, I saw on the news that it was snowing in Arizona.  Wow! In my part of the country, we didn't see any snow; not even sleet.  Who knows what this summer will be like.   Last Friday, I decided to move all my winter clothes to the back of the closet. Now I get to wear bright spring colors.  As I was organizing my shoes, I found a pair of canary yellow wedges.  To celebrate spring  colors, I have my eyes set on some really cool jewlery made by my good friend at Chibi Lolia's All Kinds of Cute.  I mianly wear jewlery when I dress up.  However, I saw some really cute bracelets that I intend to claim very soon. 

I was going to post some pictures here to show you, but something's not working right.  You can visit and follow this link: Chibi Lolita's All Kinds of Kinds of Cute.  Celeste, if you are reading this I intend on claiming the lemon lime bracelet and the multi colored beaded bracelet. 

In other news, over the weekend I was at my local Wendy's.  It was a typical Saturday, where people stop and grab lunch. So we were sitting and waiting; suddenly customers are telling us to evalcuate.  What?  A man standing near by said, "What's going on?"  I looked towards the counter area there's dark smoke everywhere.  The crazy thing about all of this is the other customers were still sitting and eatting; and the workers didn't bother to make announcement.  Fortunately we got out in time.  Maybe this would make a good scene in a story one day.

As far as writing goes, I submitted my review for Queen of Babble Gets Hitched by Meg Cabot to Factoidz.  I received an email this morning stating that my review was rejected.  I am not sure why.  These days, I try to be mindful about spelling, typos, and grammar.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! The bracelets should still be there when you want them. The Wendy's story is hilarious! Glad you made it out ok :)