Thursday, March 8, 2012

Familiar Surroundings

Today, I had to go to a meeting at my old college.  Next month, I will be starting a temp job there.  When I arrived the buildings looked the same of course, but when I walked inside the Student Center, it was totally transformed.  The whole building recieved a total overhaul and they went green. 

Now, the college has Wi-Fi and even a charge up station for electric cars. When I was in college, Wi-Fi was nothing but a dream.  If you needed internet access, you had to go across campus to an availiable computer lab.  This factor made bringing a laptop pointless unless you were using it to take notes, or work on a paper in the library. 

I was also informed that there has been fires at Student Housing.  Why?  Because someone had the bright idea to deep fry food.  That's right, deep fry!  Who deep fries anything anymore?

I am looking foward to this job, because after being out of work forever, I will have a job eventhough it is tempoary. Hopefully it will lead to something permanent.  I also think that this may give me some fresh ideas for writing.  For instance, taking in the sights and sounds of college and the workplace of course.  To be more specific, grumblings about exams and classes and personal life issues. 

In other news, I received myYahoo Style Guide in the mail.  I totally forgot that the book was comming. When it arrived in the mail, I was puzzled.  I knew I haven't other books or anything.  So when I opened the box and saw the Yahoo logo on the book, I remembered that I signed up to receive a few months ago.  This guide is suppose to get writers get educated on SEO, blogging, how to fix writing mistakes, and other useful tips.  How long will it take me to read this?  I don't know, but I may read and reference the parts that I am most interested in.

Have a good evening everyone.

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