Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Books, Computer Issues, and Other Random Thoughts

Good morning readers!  I was planning to post a new entry yesterday, but never got around to it.  I spent part of the day trying to figure out what's going on with my computer.  I had to restart it a few times because some programs would stop working.  I checked for viruses, and I found nothing.  I also tried defragmenting and disk cleanup. It helped some.  It probably needs a total tune up.  So I downloaded a tuneup program from AVG.  Of course, in other to completely give your computer a tuneup, you have to purchase the program.  Free trial version only does a partial job. So I always say that free comes with a price tag. 

I just finished listening an audiobook recording of Queen of Babble by Meg Cabot.  It was an okay book, as in light and fluffy.  Eventhough the book held my attention and it actually had a plot, it is least likely to be taken seriously in a literature class unless there was a course on  chick lit. 

It is about a girl name Lizzie who talks too much and her mouth gets her in trouble.  She plans to spend her summer in England with a guy she met in college and barely knows.  Everything doesn't go according to plan and her mouth gets Andrew in trouble and she runs off to France.  I wrote an review about this book on Factoidz, so check it out here: Queen of Babble by Meg Cabot-Book Review.   You know how some books leave a lasting impression on you, well this one didn't.  However, there were a lot of interesting facts about fashion history.  This is only valueable if you are interested in this subject matter.

Yesterday, while I was at the beauty salon, I overheard conversations about  photos on Facebook and this new site called Pinterest.  I haven't visited Pinterest, but from what I've heard it's a place to share photos.  There seems to be so much to keep up with especially if you are into social media and technology.  I don't think I will jumping on the Pinterest train anytime soon if ever. I really don't have many photos to share. I have enough to keep up between writing online,  day to day responsibilities,  social media, etc.  I have a LinkedIn account, and sadly I barely keep up with it. 

February was my least productive writing month.  I only published one product review for Factoidz and too articles.  This month I know I need to do better.  Problem is, I get easily distracted by the computer.  If I get bored or stuck, I may decide to do something else like see if I have any mail worth reading or see what everyone is up to.  If I want to be taken seriously as a writer, I need to take myself seriously.  Case and point, I pulled up the Queen of Babble review and right there, staring me in the face, in the intro paragraph the word ssummer was misspelled.  How could I have missed this?  This is embarrasing! The bad thing is I can't go back and edit it at this point.  That's why it takes more than one read through before you hit the submit button.  Maybe I should invest in a grammar check program or use a live proof reader.


Have a great day everyone! 

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